Tree Cutting Restrictions

Section 3.29.1 of the North Frontenac Township zoning bylaws lays out a number of restrictions against tree-cutting in the 30 metre vegetation buffer along your shoreline:

“The area from the high water mark extending inland a depth of a minimum of 15 metres, for the entire width of the lot, shall retain natural vegetation, subject only to the following:

(a) One (1) access corridor not greater than 7 metres in width passing through the natural vegetated buffer shall be permitted to provide an access between the main use of the land and the waterfront activity area;

(b) A pathway within the access corridor not greater than 2 metres in width is permitted provided it is constructed of permeable material. Permeable material include permeable interlocking concrete pavers, plastic or concrete grid systems, decking, or material deemed satisfactory to the Township;

(c) Stairs for access to the shoreline are permitted with a maximum width of 2 metres;

(d) Pruning of trees for viewing purposes is permitted;

(e) Removal of dead or diseased trees for safety reasons is permitted;

(f) Stumps should be retained wherever possible;

(g) Clearcutting is prohibited in this area; however selective cutting is permitted in the area commencing at a point 15 metres inland from the high water mark up to 30 metres from the high water mark;

(h) Additional tree removal shall only be permitted where trees are marked for removal by a Licensed Tree Marker, Registered Professional Forester or Certified Arborist;

(i) Notwithstanding the pathway and stairs permitted within the access corridor and permitted waterfront structures, no additional constructed permeable or nonpermeable surfaces are permitted within the natural vegetation buffer.”